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It is believed that puffers don't actually produce this toxin however, because those kept in the aquarium or on fish farms are totally toxin-free.

Rather they most likely accumulate the toxins in the wild as they feed on shellfish prey that may be carriers.

Tetraodontiformes are ancient fish, emerging from coral-dwelling species about 40 million years ago.

Well-known saltwater relatives of the Puffer Fish also in this order are the Porcupine Fish (Diodontidae family), Boxfish (Ostraciidae family), Filefish (Monacanthidae family), and the Triggerfish (Balistidae family).

Another defense of many puffer species is to harbor toxic substances in their flesh that is poisonous if eaten.

Predators that do not head the danger signals, and eat puffers anyway and may die from choking, or from toxic poisoning.

The Puffer Fish species list below includes popular varieties as well lesser known puffer fish species.

Each fish guide has in-depth pufferfish information including their places of origin, habitats and behaviors as well as the fish care needed for successfully keeping aquarium puffer fish.

Puffers belong to the Tetraodontidae family, which is one of 10 families in the Tetraodontiformes order.They can both inflate their bodies and both are covered with prickly spines.The spines are large and prominent on the Porcupine Fish but on Puffers they are smaller, thinner and practically hidden, sometimes only visible when the Puffer Fish is inflated.As their name implies, Puffer Fish have the ability to 'puff' themselves up with water or air if threatened.When they inflate, their spines protrude outward and this helps keep them from being eaten.

These toadfish have large heads with widely spaced, often mobile eyes.

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