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Ajax reorderlist not updating

Here my table def: Rule ID int pk Rule Name nvarchar(20)ruleindex tinyintand here's my code: Asa Data Adapter Update method bug ...

Hi all, I'm using ASA9 Developer Edition (version 1108) on W2k with the . I'm testing some update query on a Table created with the follow query: CREATE TABLE "DBA"."T1" ("id" integer NOT NULL , "name" varchar(50) NOT NULL DEFAULT ' ' , PRIMARY KEY ("id"), ) Now if i retrieve data using the exact lower lowercase letters ("SELECT id,name FROM T1") and update data with the Update method of Asa Data Adapter object, all works fine. but if i retrieve data using different case lette...updates, updates, updates, NO MORE!

And mos...updates, updates, updates Name: hans jensen Email: hansjensen44_athotmaildotcom Product: Firefox Summary: updates, updates, updates Comments: why is it everytime i go online firefox has new updates, 3 -4 times every day, its never ending..........whats all the problems??? Hans Jensen Browser Details: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070219 Firefox/ ...manually invoking an Object Data Source's Update method When I manually invoke an Object Data Source's Update method in my page's Page_Load handler, the method is called, but none of the parameters are set (they are all 0 or null).

I thought this might be a page life-cycle problem, but I have the same results regardless of when I call the method.

In the last two days, I had to wait for Firefox to install updates before I could browse and now, I'm alerted that there'...updates, updates, updates Holy Crap, Batman! Updates Updates Updates I was a big fan of Firefox.. Seems like every time I start it up I have to update some addin OR the browser itself.

this update-orgy since 2.0.0 used me to use Opera instead of FF.Update/Cancel methods not firing after using client-side callback I've spent days trying to figure this one out with no luck. It does a lookup based on the width and returns the number of pieces. It looks like the Update/Cancel methods are not firing. I keep getting undefined javascript error which makes me think it can't find or access the Page method. When I remove the code in the Grid Units Out_Row Created sub that adds the client-side event, the Update and Cancel work normally. Net 2.0 web app to call a page method using JQuery and it worked perfectly, now I am trying to do the same in VB. If I were calling this with MS Ajax is there something else I need to mark the method with? Name: Andreas Email: unbekanntatjokerdotms Product: Firefox Summary: updates, updates, updates, NO MORE! if you want to develop a fine webbrowser, maybe you nee a new management.To release a new buggy version every two weeks is not very professional.

Now, how do I update the sort order field manually? I cant seem to get the reorderlist to work with my objectdatasource.

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Ajax reorderlist not updating introduction

Ajax reorderlist not updating

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