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America american military dating

In the XVIII century there existed another 'Tartar' state – the Independent Tartary with its capital in Samarkand [1118], v.2, p.682-684. Unlike Moscow Tartary, the fate of this state is known.It was conquered by the Romanovs in the middle of the XIX century.Only after this the European emigrants who had settled on the Atlantic seaboard of North America, ventured West, inland over the continent.For decades they seized the North-American territories of Moscow Tartary left without any governmental authority.Whereby according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica of 1771 Moscow Tartary WAS THE LARGEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD [1118], v.2, p.683.It is depicted on various maps of the XVIII century [4v1], ch.11.And even further – to the Far East, to the coast of the Pacific Ocean, to Sakhalin island.

They could have simply built a large trading port, and a city next to it. Let us see when the regular exiles to Siberia began.The very fact of the existence of Moscow Tartary up to the end of the XVIII century and the division of its vast territories between the conquerors was wiped clean from the history textbooks – both in the Old and the New Worlds.Up until now the native Russian population of America is being persistently forced to forget their language and their past.Such a dangerous proximity greatly concerned the Romanovs. Besides, in the case of an invasion from the Siberian-American Horde, it would be easier to flee to the West from St. Mind you, for some reason they didn't fear invasion from the sea to the WEST. Petersburg it is possible to board a ship made ready at the doorstep of the Czar's castle and quickly embark to Western Europe - to friends and relatives, to the historical motherland of the Romanov house.It is possible that it was the reason for Peter the Great to make a decision to relocate the capital further away, to the swampy coasts of the Gulf of Finland. The official explanation of the Romanovs for relocating the capital of Russia from Moscow to St. They said, that Peter I was 'cutting a window through to Europe', since it was easier to trade from there.

With the Romanovs they voraciously and speedily sliced and diced the vast territories of Moscow Tartary. In America – Alaska and Oregon was ceded to the Romanovs. After failing to maintain these bountiful lands, distant from St.

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America american military dating introduction

America american military dating