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The Kalasasaya structure, was delineated by a series of vertical stone pillars (the name Kalasasaya means "the standing pillars") and had an east-west orientation.

Utilizing his measurements of the lines of sight along these stone pillars, the orientation of the Kalasasaya, and the purposely intended deviations from the cardinal points, Posnansky was able to show that the alignment of the structure was based upon an astronomical principle called the obliquity of the ecliptic.

Bennett who conducted the first archaeological research at Tiahuanaco in the 1930's, the Bennett Stela represents a human figure wearing elaborate clothes and a crown.

In addition, the style, size and skill demonstrated by the vast number of precision-cut cyclopean stones at Tiahuanaco (and nearby Puma-punka) reminds us that cutting and moving 100 ton stones was common-place for the highly skilled builders of the complex, who also managed to move the stones over tens of miles from distant quarries to Tiahuanaco, which at such a high altitude is in itself, a remarkable physical feat.Recent excavations of this courtyard, the interior of the pyramid, and the grounds beneath it have revealed an unexpectedly sophisticated, and monumental system of interlinked surface and subterranean channels.These channels brought water collected upon the summit down and through the seven levels, where it exited below ground level, merged into a major subterranean drain system underneath the civic/ceremonial core of Tiwanaku, and ultimately flowed into Lake Titicaca The walls of the Kalasasaya are built in the same style as the semi-submerged temple, which opens out before it.Bolivians are kind, gentle people, who are concerned for each other's welfare. The family is the central unit in the social system.Education is valued, but still not achievable for all people.

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Bolivian dating introduction

Bolivian dating

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