Dating ampeg b15

This isn't really a problem unless your band is excessively loud and/or you like having lots of clean headroom. Flipping that mid switch between the three positions also gives you a lot of different colors to play with in the tone spectrum. When I play larger venues I tend to bi-amp mine with an Orange AD30HTC either with the Orange through a 2x12 cabinet, or both through the Ampeg stack (Orange through the 410, Ampeg through the 115.)Thanks for all the info, you guys!

If your band really loud, a mic'd venue is going to be your best friend because this amp just won't get loud enough. Just yesterday I got connected to a guy down in Europe who's got a V4b without the master volume, and at a good price. Just got a message from the guy in England, the one who had the V4B for sale.

The V4BH that was later introduced by SLM and is still in production (though I would strong recommend against buying a new one) has a master volume. I understand now that the thought of an Ampeg V4B with Master volume is a matter of misunderstanding, on my behalf. iamthatguy just reminded me of a setup I used for a while in the mid 90s. I ran the SVT head into the bottom 4 tens and a 1x15 cab, and ran the V-4B through the top 4 tens. That was a heavenly rig, but just too much to deal with on a regular basis.

There are master volume mods for vintage V4's that would 'work' in a vintage V4B too, but they're mostly for more distortion, not more headroom. I've had some trouble keeping my head together the last days, since I discovered the V4B for sale. If you're looking for more power and clean headroom out of a V4B, the hot ticket has always been to have the amp retrofitted with 6550s - however, you can probably expect a change in your tone as well.

m Two things I don't dig about the S..SS rec and the lack of a double baffle cab.

I have a 64 B-15N and I'm not sure what you mean by "mushy." Even the Ampeg book considered it a step backward when they put back the 5AR4 instead of the SS rec, but I really don't hear this mushiness it allegedly adds. The same with any tube amp when they switched over to an ss recto. I've always considered response speed a function of the speakers.

A further 10% will be added each consecutive month thereafter. Andy Baxter Bass has the right to withdraw from any agreement and re list the item if payments are not made on the agreed dates.

Upon receipt of the merchandise, a refund (less shipping and any other applicable fees) will be issued within 48 hours, subject to a 5% restocking fee.but he's keeping the one original Altec upgrade speaker. are they increasing in value because the 60's amps are getting harder to find... I'm tempted, but I can also get a new Genz Benz Shuttle combo for less and have i have a b15s - it doesn;t have anything labelled as a line out - just ext amp and ext speaker. if i were to use that would i have to have the speaker hooked up as well?i know there is some deal with amp heads having to always be hooked up to speakers etc...All I hear is sweetness I have a line on a B-15S as well. The guy has 0 in it and that's what he's asking for it.It's actually the same guy that bought my SVT rig three years ago.

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Dating ampeg b15 introduction

Dating ampeg b15