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Photo: Pixabay By swiping on over 3,000 topics, with options for hating or loving as many of them as one wants, Alper explained that he felt mutual dislikes were a stronger indicator of compatibility than likes.So far, things such as politics, poor wifi service, and man buns rank amongst the most unpopular.This one is for anyone and everyone, so come on and have some fun! Make a list of 10 things you like, 10 things you dislike. That's the philosophy behind new dating app Hater, which launches Feb.8 and uses an algorithm to match you with people who hate the same stuff as you do."It really all comes down to having common ground," matchmaker and dating coach Julia Bekker,tells Bustle.When Brendan Alper saw a need, he envisioned how to fill it.And so, he created the popular new dating app called Hater.

Cooking something new Dislikes: Inconsideration Rudeness Bad drivers Obnoxious know-it-all people Animal abusers Bullies Environmental hazards Bad breath Laziness Greediness LIKES: Spending time with my girlfriend Walks along quiet paths Sound of the ocean break at night Breeze on my face on a cool fall day Kisses for no reason at all The old man down the street winning the lottery.

Hater is the first dating app to match people based on what they hate.

Mutual dislikes can bring people together, like hating on that one jerk at work can bring an office together.“Dating is supposed to be fun,” Alper said.

“Somewhere along the line, dating apps lost sight of that.

Hater wants to bring it back.”Hater for i Phone is slated to launch Feb. The Android version will be available in the spring, but it is a “top priority” a company spokesman told Metro.

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Haters gonna date with new dating app that matches based on. Hater is the first dating app to. Hater bases matches on how much the dater likes, dislikes. 
03-Aug-2018 14:31
Not on Twitter? Sign up, tune into. Charlie Kelly Online Dating Profile Likes. Likes -Milk steak -Magnets -Ghouls Dislikes -People's knees” @paintsweatskate. 
03-Aug-2018 14:35
What are your hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes? My Hobbies ahhhhhh I luv to listng songs, luv went new places, bike riding, mostly luv shopping & I hate lier & I mostly hate drug addicted people. asked under Other 
03-Aug-2018 14:39
Woman Likes Dislikes - what women want like and dislike, you will know all about woman's core secrets, what makes her happy, what irritates and attracts. 
03-Aug-2018 14:43
Feb 01, 2017 If you hate a lot of things but don’t hate online dating then this app might be for you. age, and list of hates/loves/likes/dislikes. 
03-Aug-2018 14:46

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Dating likes dislikes

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