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Dating women in the bahaamas

On 12 October 1492 Columbus reached an island in the Bahamas and claimed it for Spain, an event long regarded by Europeans as the 'discovery' of America.

This island was called Guanahani by the Lucayan, and San Salvador by the Spanish.

Its name has been officially changed to San Salvador.

Columbus visited several other islands in the Bahamas before sailing to present-day Cuba and afterwards to Hispaniola.

Despite the arrival of additional settlers, including Europeans, slaves and former African slaves from Bermuda and the receipt of relief supplies from Virginia and New England, the Eleuthera colony struggled for many years.With no gold to be found, and the population removed, the Spanish effectively abandoned the Bahamas.They retained titular claims to them until the Treaty of Paris in 1783, when they ceded them to Britain in exchange for East Florida.Their ancestors came from mainland South America, where Arawakan-language peoples were present in most territories, and especially along the northeastern coast.Recorded history began on 12 October 1492, when Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Guanahani, which he renamed San Salvador Island on his first voyage to the New World.

Sometime between 500 and 800 AD, Taínos began crossing in dugout canoes from Hispaniola and/or Cuba to the Bahamas.

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Dating women in the bahaamas introduction

Dating women in the bahaamas

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