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Elucidating an uncommon disease inflammatory breast cancer

Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare form of breast cancer which accounts for only 2% to 6% of all cases of breast cancers, but it is a highly aggressive disease with a poor prognosis (5 year survival rate of 40%).

Inflammatory breast cancer is characterized by rapid disease progression and early distant metastatic disease progression.

These signatures will guide us in developing tools for diagnosis, identifying therapeutic approaches specifically for treatment of inflammatory breast cancer, and enhancing imaging approaches to assist in detecting the disease and evaluating the effectiveness of treatment for inflammatory breast cancer patients.

The ultimate goal is to improve survival of inflammatory breast cancer patients.

All aspects of treating inflammatory breast cancer – including staging, diagnosis, and therapy – are vastly different than other breast cancers.

For women with inflammatory breast cancer, finding a medical team experienced in treating the rare disease is paramount.

If your symptoms respond to antibiotics, then additional testing isn't necessary.

But if the redness does not improve, then your doctor may consider more serious causes of your symptoms, such as inflammatory breast cancer.

Cavallo-Medved at the University of Windsor, she is collaborating on inflammatory breast cancer research with Bonnie Sloane, Ph. Seeds4Hope is a new project developed by the Windsor and Essex County Cancer Centre Foundation to support innovative cancer research through community donations.

The only way to determine if your symptoms are caused by inflammatory breast cancer is to do a biopsy to remove a sample of tissue for testing.

It's not clear what causes inflammatory breast cancer.

She will examine how endothelial cells affect the expression and secretion of proteases -- enzymes that participate in tumor invasion -- by the tumor cells and cytokines that regulate the process.

Establishing a molecular link between inflammatory breast cancer cells and endothelial cells will identify novel biomarkers for earlier diagnosis and aid in the development of new therapies, Dr. “Our proposed project will begin to provide insight into the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying inflammatory breast cancer and in particular its invasive nature,” Dr. “Insights into these mechanisms will aid in the identification of biomarkers that will improve diagnosis of the disease.

There has been little change in overall survival rates in the last 30 years and there are not therapeutic regimens developed specifically for inflammatory breast cancer.

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Elucidating an uncommon disease inflammatory breast cancer introduction

Elucidating an uncommon disease inflammatory breast cancer