End of the world dating

I tend to think .” In its own depressing way, that worldview is as simplistic and frustrating a conclusion about tech as its Silicon Valley–fueled “tech can save us all” inverse.

Thankfully, “Hang the DJ” is one of the good-hearted ones.

In “Hang the DJ,” the sim versions of Amy and Frank are built to be sacrifices, and the sadness of that is a lovely minor chord underneath the episode’s resolution.

The problem with “Hang the DJ,” especially when you view it as a companion to “San Junipero,” comes down to the idea of choice.

They’re in a crowded bar, much less sanitized and sparse than the world-size West Elm catalogue we’ve seen for most of the episode.

Technology enables and informs that choice, but the final utopian vision depends on Yorkie and Kelly exercising free will in concert with this world-bending tech.

Compared to most episodes, “Hang the DJ” may be a hopeful vision of love, relationships, and using tech to find love.

It’s designed to make us cheer for real-world Frank and Amy, and honestly, I wish them the best.

They weren’t real; their whole personhood was created and destroyed so that the original versions of themselves have a chance at happiness.

That’s great news for the real Amy and Frank, but it’s a huge bummer for the Amy and Frank we’ve come to love.

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End of the world dating introduction

End of the world dating

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