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Gods predating jesus

All over the world we find cultural legends and myths that closely resemble certain accounts in Scripture, such as the Creation, the Fall, the Flood, and the Tower of Babel accounts.1 Oftentimes, these accounts are used as an ), he should also accept the biblical account that all human heritage goes back to the city of Babel where all human population once lived after the global Flood of Noah’s day.

We would expect to find common accounts of history (such as Creation and the Flood) within the stories and traditions of today’s people groups that once lived together in one place after the great Flood.

At the end of the day, this comes down to the claims of fallible men versus the claims of the infallible God.

Today, some scholars seek to understand the Scripture through a “comparative” study approach, looking for parallels in texts and culture as a way of interpreting Scripture.

The following are 10 things we know existed or were planned by God before the creation event took place. God has and still is revealing His plan to us through His written Word and the events that are still to come.

The circle represents everything God created time, space, matter, & light.

Rather than being used as a confirmation of biblical credibility, however, many have attempted to use these tablets as a reason to the authority of God’s Word because some of them supposedly predate the earliest times of biblical authorship (predating Moses).

Many have used these documents as reason to doubt the authority and inspiration of the Word of God.

The library of tablets from Nineveh and Nippur was an amazing find, and at the time the significance was not even known.

In fact, not until decades later did the deciphered tablets show a version of the Flood account similar to what we find in Genesis.

1) If this is true, biblical claims of God’s inspiration and His perfect Word are untrue, and the Bible cannot be trusted.

2) The Bible truly is the Word of God, and any other claim of authorship or external influence is false.

The Bible claims of Scripture comes from God and not of human will.

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Responses to Common Muslim Challenges. he takes issue with that conclusion and argues there are three and maybe as many as five dying and rising gods predating Jesus. 
11-Oct-2018 17:39

Gods predating jesus introduction

Gods predating jesus