Gridview updating new values

After completing this tutorial I encourage you to return to the earlier tutorial and update it to use the database transaction-related functionality added in the preceding tutorial.As discussed in the An Overview of Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data tutorial, the Grid View offers built-in support for editing its underlying data on a per-row basis.The easiest way to accomplish this is to create where each editable field is implemented as a Template Field with its editing interface defined in the .Over the next several steps we'll create a completely editable Grid View.This impact on the database could be lessened by caching the returned categories either in a per-request cache or through the Caching Layer using a SQL caching dependency or a very short time-based expiry.

NET page s code-behind class that batches the data and passes it to the BLL.

At this point the Grid View has three Bound Fields ( Note We explored creating and customizing Template Fields in the Customizing the Data Modification Interface tutorial.

We'll walk through the steps of converting the Bound Fields and Check Box Field into Template Fields and defining their editing interfaces in their From the Grid View s smart tag, click the Edit Columns link to open the Fields dialog box.

Note In the Performing Batch Updates tutorial we created a batch editing interface using the Data List control.

This tutorial differs from the previous one in that is uses a Grid View and the batch update is performed within the scope of a transaction.

While the steps here are complete, they are presented tersely.

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Apr 01, 2016 Updating a gridview row. Using Forums Off-Topic Posts. It accepts 3 inputs, the key field and the original/new values of a data field. 
09-Sep-2018 07:00
GridView Updating event. Rate this. it takes the old values. my code in the updating event is. Dim con As New SqlConnection. 
09-Sep-2018 07:03
Refresh a repeater after updating a GridView. automatically in which the calculations also will be updated with the new values of my GridView items. 
09-Sep-2018 07:05
I have a dynamically created gridview, it's autogeneratedcolumns is set to True, and it databinds on every postback. Now, when an user edit a row then click update, I'm having problem getting the new values in gridview's rowupdating event, it always returns the old values. I believe that databinding on every postback is the caus 
09-Sep-2018 07:09
I am trying to make an editable GridView, and when RowUpdating is called the values I get from the TextBoxes are the old values and not the new ones. My GridView. 
09-Sep-2018 07:13
Gridview Update - cannot retrieve new values. Framework Forums on Bytes. 
09-Sep-2018 07:17
In this article you will learn how to Gridview Edit Delete and Update in. SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand. 
09-Sep-2018 07:21
I have a gridview that I'm trying to update the Date something is corrected in the database. When I am putting a new value in, it is updating, but it isn't updating the new value, just the old one. 
09-Sep-2018 07:24
The API Reference documentation has a new home. The key fields are defined in the DataKeyNames property of a GridView. The values are then written to a. 
09-Sep-2018 07:29

Gridview updating new values introduction

Gridview updating new values

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