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Intentional friendship dating all dating site in2016

She comes from a multi-cultural family of eleven and makes her home at Eyrie Park.

Caroline loves kids' lit, sunshine, fair trade chocolate and the God who makes all things new.

You might really hit it off, love to be together and have a great friendship…until everything goes south.

I’m not saying guys and girls can never-ever be “just friends”, but most people do eventually enter romantic relationships and marriage (statistics show) and when this happens, your friendship will not only weaken, but also become very complicated.

He is not and will never be your sibling, so try to impose some social standards into the situation before either of you creates a relationship you’ll regret.

It is natural and perfectly okay to fall for your friend (after all, every good marriage is based on a strong friendship! If you and a guy-friend start to have mutual romantic feelings for each other, talk it out and try to intentionally change the trajectory of your relationship.

Otherwise, you’ll end up in a confusing “friendationship” (as one of my girlfriends calls it! If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard a girl say, “He’s like a brother to me”, I’d probably be able to open my wedding chapel.

It’s not hard to look around and notice that there’s a problem with today's dating scene. Ultimately, the purpose of dating is to eventually get married; so in that sense, we can’t date willy-nilly and play with people’s hearts.

Hooking up is wrong because it’s totally selfish: we use another person for our own pleasure. Catholics tend to take this approach — taking dating far too seriously.

Any way you cut it, there’s no simple formula to guy/girl friendships, but we can bust a few myths and talk some sense while we’re here.

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Intentional friendship dating introduction

Intentional friendship dating

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