Invalidating behavior

She does not learn to trust her private experience as valid and real.BPD individuals fail to learn how to tolerate emotional distress.They have a very high sensitivity to stimuli – even small things set them off. And when emotionally aroused, they take longer to return to a baseline level of emotion. The more emotionally vulnerable a person is the more they need to be able to regulate emotion effectively.BPD individuals tend to regulate emotions by either shutting down (avoiding emotions) or escape (intense overreaction).

Self-esteem is especially vulnerable as they often feel that their self-esteem is on the line in every situation.Those with BPD have difficulty regulating arousal, for example going to bed (sleep) and getting out of bed (awakening).The usually have short attention spans and difficulty concentrating.Emotional regulation and control includes these activities or abilities: • Decrease (or increase) physiological arousal associated with emotion.Calming down with relaxation and breathing exercises when angry or anxious. • Re-orient attention in the presence of strong emotion.

Neither are the factors related to expressed emotion appreciated.

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Invalidating behavior introduction

Invalidating behavior

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