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Other methods of anthropological dating

Sometimes perpetrators may bury many victims together in a mass grave in an attempt to conceal their behaviour.In all cases, it is very important to the understanding and resolution of the case that the anthropologist be as accurate as possible about how many victims were involved.This includes estimating age, sex, stature, and ancestry, as well as identifying specific characteristics, like diseases or injuries.In addition to helping identify human remains, the anthropologist analyzes injuries that happened around the time of a person's death, which can help determine how a person died.To do this, they look for duplicate elements - for example, two right femora (thigh bones).Investigators also consider the condition and size of the bones.The absence of certain elements can provide a great deal of information regarding perimortem events, taphonomy, and perpetrator behaviour.

Over time, these groups moved in and out of their territories and often buried their dead along the way according to the current customs.Identifying unknown individuals is a key part of forensic anthropology.Anthropologists assist in identifications primarily by constructing a biological profile.To ensure the material is bone, the anthropologist cleans the object and examines it closely, under magnification if necessary.Once the anthropologist is sure that the material is bone, they must determine whether it came from a human or a non-human animal.

Most anthropologists start this process by placing the elements out on a table as they would be organized in a living person, known as the "anatomical position". First, it creates an informal visual inventory that allows any missing elements to be identified quickly.

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Other methods of anthropological dating introduction

Other methods of anthropological dating

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