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Philosophy dating site

Many epistemological, logical, and even metaphysical doctrines were debated and decided on purely rational grounds that did not directly bear upon the ideal of Vedanta (“end of the Vedas”) philosophy and the Samkhya (a system that accepts a real matter and a plurality of the individual souls) philosophy may be said to have a close relationship to the ideal of knowledge, they are concerned with making room for it and demonstrating its possibility, with the help of logic—and there, as far as they are concerned, the task of philosophy ends.

Indian philosophers do not seek to justify religious faith; philosophic wisdom itself is accorded the dignity of religious truth.

In relation to Western philosophical thought, Indian philosophy offers both surprising points of affinity and illuminating differences.

The differences highlight certain fundamentally new questions that the Indian philosophers asked.

Thus, the Vedas could be cited to corroborate a wide diversity of views; they were used by the Vaisheshika thinkers (i.e., those who believe in ultimate particulars, both individual souls and atoms) as much as by the , like allegiance to the authority of the scriptures, was only remotely connected with the systematic doctrines that were being propounded.The concept of as the concept of the highest ideal has likewise been one of the concerns of Western thought, especially during the Christian era, though it probably has never been as important as for the Hindu mind.Most Indian philosophies assume that ) is regarded as a material fallacy likely to vitiate a philosophical theory.The similarities reveal that, even when philosophers in India and the West were grappling with the same problems and sometimes even suggesting similar theories, Indian thinkers were advancing novel formulations and argumentations.Problems that the Indian philosophers raised for consideration, but that their Western counterparts never did, include such matters as the origin (knowledge arises from experience or from reason and distinctions such as that between analytic and synthetic judgments or between contingent and necessary truths.

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Philosophy dating site introduction

Philosophy dating site

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