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this is a good thriller drama, i enjoy it, the cast are superb, each ep has its own case but somehow it has connection to the main plot, oh and it has very little "coincidences" like usual common kdramas, or "tunnel" for this genre, it is relatively realistic although if you want to nitpick it, you still can find how the timing of several events could not be more convenient. thank you for choosing best actress and actor @Kdramalover98 OMG! anwy, after Kim Jae Wook that i've always fangirling of, does somebdy realized that kim secretary/driver were also hot? So i found myself pressing the forward button more frequent. The title should be The Sound not the voice coz the story is not about voices only. Return with 2nd series with the same cast and better cameras work please!!! Was all these stories in the drama based on true stories? I wish it were longer or they had more cases and seasons. and the female actress gave her the best of herself. I know Jang-hyuk is good actor but I never know he is this good. She's a Policewoman here, she needs to be tough that is why she is acting that way, she does not need to have many facial expressions she does not need to be sweet does not need to cry or be pitiful, this is not a Romance Comedy drama, this is a Full Length Action drama! Lee Ha-na, glad you took the role..really suits you. I can't remember the last time an actress with such poor acting abilities was in a high-caliber drama. Now i have to wait for Defendant to finish airing so i can start comparing. And the ones complaining about too much camera movement, this drama is about relaying the victims feelings and making it as close as a real case. This is real devotment from the production crew and we can see that they worked really hard to film this. She shows the human behaviors such as fearness, hesitance, wildness etc... A drama is a thing we could watch, but this crazy cameraman is shaking it like riding on a roller coaster, so nothing is watchable at this rate.. Gosh i cant stop screaming for every stupid things happen here.

i like it, bit disappointed at the ending but well, overall its a good one. Anyways this is such a great movie I heard about this drama when it was currently airing and I didn't bother I blame myself for that. Kwon Joo's personality actually similiar with Tae Goo I guess, both are psychopath!!! Just finished the last episode, and i felt like it was rushed. For me this drama is a dream come true cos 1) i'm totally into this genre and 2) jang hyuk is the male lead (my fave korean actor). her raspy voice and her facial expression she's doing it very well. So far, all characters are well-written and well-acted. Maybe you though Lead female always be the victims..? Park hye soo (her acting so terrible) Just to share, the director commanded such actions and expressions. Her acting consists of only one of three things: 1. I am not ecpecting for good camera shots because I understand that this drama is being produced by a not so big network it is on being aired in cale tv so it is okay for me. even though she portrays a "Cop", cos in most of dramas we see Robocop like FM Cops. Understand this is Kdrama but still very unrealistic. The polices here are very annoying, and there is one suspicious policeman jang kyung hak.

Her father is killed there and Kwon-Joo hears what happened over the phone. Detective Jin-Hyuk and Kang Kwon-Joo solve cases together. When the first episode was aired, I had some kind of hesitance to watch this as I have never seen the lead actress in any drama or movie. She is tuff in front of her subordinates, but inside filled with a lot of sorrows, hatred towards the culprit who killed her father while she begged not to etc.. i will be looking forward to see you both in other dramas.. It hurts to see Gwonjoo and jin hyuk lost their love ones. According to this drama,the serial killer was caught by KGJ. So if there was no KGJ, MJH still believes that his wife's killer was Dong Chul. her role is supposed to be cold and analytical and she was effective on that some people just have their own expectations not realizing that the actress is playing the character demanded of her Preview for Ep 15 still wasn't released? I enjoy this drama well, script and casts are the bests. So expecting a thrilling fight scene between two of them..

Chasing a serial killer responsible for the deaths of their family member. It reminded me of my fav drama Ghost (Phantom) starring So Ji Sub. I liked the drama so much and I was impatient to watch the next episode every week and I felt just like watching a movie. Your superb acting brought this drama a higher status. i will miss watching all the great actors of Voice.. Therefore, the killer must have a special grudge against KGJ as he experienced how she caught him as the killer of their relatives and hope it will be shown in the very last episode which is going to be aired today. Everything is good in this drama, all the casts, writers. As the Shaky camera had reduced it's movements, could watch it. i just watched ep 3 and i already know who the murderer is.

not meaning to bash but its getting boring to see the same template for ending, i wanna see extreme ending so normies would banging their heads seeing their heroes got shattered lol.. It got a lot of cliffhangers at the end of most episode, good thing that the last episode got an ending, which make us want to watch more. Honestly enjoyed it more than other crime kdramas e.g. The story behind this is just heart wrenching and well portrayed by the actors. the actions is very good and acting jang hyuk,lee ha- na and yesung.. Kim Jae-Wook is also good villain even he's shows what are the symptons and actions of having personality disorder. This drama is a must watch if action and crime genre appeal you. Also when Tae Goo said they are different from common herd and Jin Hyuk I think Tae Goo noticed about Kwon Joo personality that's why he so excited after he met her in 3 years for the first time. these are the super ordinary female lead but lucky with their role 1. The toughest part of LHN's role is to memorize scripts. so this drama has already gotten enough popularity too. But the result is reducing its viewers., coz it's giving us a headache, eye pains and also subtitles cannot be read due to the shaky camera... Can't watch the entire of ep 9 bcs my eyes so tired and my head's dizzy. i knew jang hyuk was familiar it was because he was on one of my fave dramas which is fated to love you.

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Moo Jin-Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) was a popular detective who solved major cases, but after his wife was murdered by a serial killer his life spiraled down. 'cause it's satisfying ending..especially when the killer was caught.the very beginning he was like familiar to me but i just realize I saw him in the korean drama "Mary Stayed Out All Night".. I know it wasn't perfect but it was good enough, make u curious how the story end..i'm totally enjoy it. The true killer used iron ball to kill the victims. He scared people recognize him..i think he is a familiar one like dae sik? I hope there would be a Little love angle here between the two leads. According to the previous episodes, I think sang tae is after Jin Hyuk n Moo Tae Goo is after KWJ..

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