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Submissive females dating love

Meanwhile, Tokyo VR company Voltage invented a new experience for a (presumed) straight female audience, where a woman can be “bought” by a wealthy dominant man and act out an S&M fantasy.“I bought you, you are mine,” her virtual partner explains.The way virtual love is marketed reflects this as well.One of the selling points of Hikari, that “wife of the future” we met at the beginning, is that the buyer can switch her off.Takechi believes the owner’s relationship with a robot wife could one day “develop into love.” Yet having been designed to “understand her husband and […] always be there to support him”, Hikari betrays something chilling about the “virtual love” industry and our perceptions of what love could and should mean.The robot wives of the present and future are created to accommodate.Then John looked at his watch and said that he had to get going.

Again we see the same problem: real life women with voices and demands might interrupt. The speed in which we’ve moved from plastic sex robots to -style VR and Hakiri suggests that, as technology develops, engineers in a male-dominated field are going to keep on refining an ideal Robot Wife.

Rather than liberating sexuality and providing loving companionship, the virtual love industry risks leading us down a path of entrenched inequality and isolation.

In its current form, it promotes a very single-minded, male-centric view of human sexuality and relationships that leaves little room for women to express any other kind of sexuality or interaction beyond submission to male dominance.

They are made to exist only in relation to their (male) owners’ desires. The beating heart of the growing virtual love industry is Japan.

Here, adults can download a Pokemon Go style app that allows them to take a character on virtual dates.

Yet young Japanese people aren’t just finding it hard to meet partners, they’re also eschewing the dating scene.

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Submissive females dating love introduction

Submissive females dating love