The single dating life

They find this option liberating and freeing due to its self-sufficient independency.

In all honesty, it can be emotionally freeing not to have to take into consideration someone else’s needs and wants, or to have rely on a partner in any capacity.

Waiting for a relationship to indulge in sex is a viable and desirable option for some, but for others, we are put in this lose-lose conundrum with how to go about satisfying our sexual appetites. Women have to find out what works for them and strike a balance between satisfying sexual urges and coveting a real, substantial connection with a partner.

All those cups of coffee and drinks with strangers add up quickly.

After this type of ‘breakup’ you are left with the same negative feelings of a legitimate breakup, with the added nicety of knowing he only kept you around for one thing: the booty.

Now that we have covered why one-night stands are to be avoided and FOBs are a wolf in sheep’s clothing, we are left with the last and final option: celibacy. This option not only works for some women but is also the ideal.

You can rest assured that when a guy pays attention to you, and when you pay attention to him, the purpose runs deeper than quenching his sexual desires.

You long for the touch of another, the butterflies in your stomach become increasingly wild as you reminisce about what it feels like, and you can feel yourself drowning in helplessness.

This irrepressible craving makes celibacy as unattractive as the other options.

As with casual sex, you are left feeling unsatisfied and intensely craving something you don’t have.

In a day in age with an increasing frequency of men choosing sexual freedom over romantic security, females are in a tough spot.

Let’s face it: prolonged exposure to someone who you can hold a conversation with, who you find visually attractive and have adequate sex with, puts you at high risk for developing feelings.

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The single dating life introduction

The single dating life

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