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Unwritten dating rules

So - if you are in a place where you are feeling emotionally vulnerable as well, then STAY AWAY.

Similarly, it's important to take all their actions and behaviours at face value.

A girlfriend of mine was deeply talking with a guy for a few months, who then matched with her best friend, he ended up ghosting her but carried on talking to her best friend.

Of course he must’ve insta-stalked her, he would’ve seen that they were friends.

With all this inter-connectedness comes some incest.

These algorithms can present you with someone great but they can also present that person with your best friend too. You’re not officially dating this person, it’s technically fair game.

For girls it’s a bit tougher, double standards and years of judgement mean that women, despite how sexually liberated they might feel, are stumped when it comes to deciding whether to have sex on the first night or not. Some guys will get up, make you breakfast, take you to get a juice (or the morning after pill, depending on your night) lay down the old “I’ll call you later” line and then go AWOL.

When it comes to dating, many people tie their self-worth to what others think of them or how other's treat them.

It's important to keep in mind that we live in a "me" culture, and on the whole, people are very hyper-focused on themselves. In other words, when someone acts selfishly in dating, you should focus on how this behaviour reflects on THEM as a person, rather then what it says about you. This is because deciding to stay at a cool emotional distance and "playing the field" is usually a product of getting your heart stomped on by another person.

But now that cuffing season is officially over and spring has sprung, it’s a good time to establish some ground rules, and air out some basic do’s and don’ts. If they’re looking to get laid, they put out a thirst trap, out come the dog-filter Snapchats, the subtly sexual ‘mood’ posts and late-night ‘me rn’ selfies. Wait too long and the match loses the initial surprise and energy.

I asked a bunch of men and women, straight and gay, some questions about how they behave when dating online. Overall, men didn’t seem to care what they post, their profile pics or what women put, when they’re on dating apps they’re simply “on safari”. There’s also an attraction to assertiveness.” Said one of the guys I asked. Other than finding out who each other’s mutual friends are and where their aunt went on holiday last year.

Let the guy follow you first and don’t let this liking-game go on for too long otherwise you’ll just become Insta-friends rather than sexy friends. Irrespective of what people say, whether he takes you out for dinner, for a drink, whether its 10am or 10pm, you’re both there for one reason.

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Unwritten dating rules introduction

Unwritten dating rules

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