Updating genius on itunes

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Several users, for the last few days, have been reporting issues surrounding the Genius feature in i Tunes.

Finally, if you prefer, you can turn off Genius Mixes all together by also selecting in the menu bar.It won’t delete it from your i Tunes library, but it will remove it from the Genius playlist.You can also click the Refresh button which re-mixes the list.You also might want to increase the limit of songs in the list.For the most part I have found Genius Mixes to be pretty good about matching songs, which seems largely based on the genre of music.

One user did report that they were able to finally get the syncing to work after repeatedly trying for about an hour, though no other users commented about that strategy working for them.

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Is there a way to prevent iTunes from performing Genius updates each time it launches? I don't use this feature, and the process seems to slow down the process of getting access to the store and to my connected iOS devices. 
28-Jan-2019 09:53
For the last few days, I've been trying to get a Genius Update on a song I purchased. Specifically, "Lions" by "The Features". Every time, it comes back with "Could not complete the iTunes Store request. 
28-Jan-2019 09:57
Step 1 Install iTunes 9 and iPhone OS 3.1. If you haven’t installed either of these updates yet, you’ll need to before you’ll be able to use Genius Mixes. Under the Store menu in iTunes 9, select Turn On Genius see below to turn on the feature. 
28-Jan-2019 10:01
When you turn on Genius, iTunes collects information about the songs in your library and sends that information anonymously to the iTunes Store, where it’s compared with all songs available at the iTunes Store and with theYour iTunes library is then updated with the newest Genius information. 
28-Jan-2019 10:05
Once you turn off Genius, iTunes will no longer send information about your iTunes library to Apple. This page also notes If you want to completely turn off the Genius features, not just hide them, simply go to the Store menu in iTunes and choose "Turn off Genius.". 
28-Jan-2019 10:09
Use Genius Shuffle, Genius playlists, or Genius Mixes. You can use Genius to have iTunes play songs from your library that sound great iTunes Store updates its Genius data constantly, based on new information from the iTunes Store and customers’ libraries. 
28-Jan-2019 10:14
If for some reason Genius Mixes are not delivering good recommendations, you might try selecting Store Update Genius, in the iTunes menu bar. This will send your iTunes library data to Apple so that it can in turn make better recommendations. 
28-Jan-2019 10:18
Recover iTunes backup password with iTunes Password Genius please, which will help you unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod backup easily, and then you could restore contacts, calendars, notes, audio, videos, apps, photos and settings with iTunes backup on computer. 
28-Jan-2019 10:22

Updating genius on itunes introduction

Updating genius on itunes

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