Updating sql with adobe designer form

The following detail comes from the page on the calculate event: Description Initiates in the following situations: Example Use the calculate event for updating numeric values in fields because this event initiates immediately after most other events.For example, on a purchase order form, you can use the calculate event for a field to determine the percentage of sales tax due based on the cost of the order.Go to the Index of the Help System and type in the keyword events.Adobe provides a list of events and detailed information about each event.

Application events fire as a result of the actions of a client application like Acrobat or a server application like Live Cycle Forms.

The second example shows you that some events can be fired multiple times. Select Preview PDF to see how a single user action can fire multiple events.

Even before you click anything, the form rendering and loading is firing multiple events.

Because this event-driven model determines how your scripts will perform, you need to consider which events to use, when the events will fire, and how often the events will fire. The following two examples show you important concepts about events.

The first example shows you that multiple events fire based on a single action.

The following is a list of the application events in XFA forms: As an example, the post Print event fires immediately after Acrobat or Reader has sent the form to a printer or spooler.

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Updating sql with adobe designer form introduction

Updating sql with adobe designer form