Western mass dating

All the rest of the main ancient dynasties turn out to be its phantom reflections, dated back into the past [1v], [2v].It means that the main ancient and mediaeval kingdoms reflected in the ancient chronicles to some extent are the descriptions generally speaking of the same Empire of the XIV-XVI cc.In particular all three famous 'ancient' Roman Empires: the Royal Rome of Titus Livy (or the First Roman Empire) allegedly of the VIII-VI cc.

Besides, SEVERAL SEALS FROM EACH END (KONETS) were SIMULTANEOUSLY attached to the Novgorodian state charter.

A certain chain emerges, 'at the head' of which, i.e.

the closest to us in time, happens to be a dynasty of the Russian–Hordian czars-khans of the years 1273-1600.

You can call it the Russian-Horde Empire as its centre was situated in Vladimir and Suzdal Russia = Velikiy Novgorod, and its military forces were called the Horde = Rat' (Russian for 'army') = Rodom (Russian for 'by birth'). Generally it was not a conquest, but a colonization, as the local population, which consisted of separate small ethnic groups, could not raise any significant military resistance to the Imperial army = Cossacks = Israelites.

The new large colonies emerged on the colonized lands with the advent of the 'Mongolian' administration.

The conquests of the Prince Georgiy Danilovich (Genghis Khan) followed by his brother Ivan Danilovich Kalita (Batu-Khan) resulted in the rise in the first half of the XIV century of the Great = 'Mongol' Empire with its centre in Vladimir and Suzdal Russia.

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Western mass dating introduction

Western mass dating

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